Reason #337 : Solar Power Survives Alien Invasion

As If You Needed Any More Reasons to Invest in Solar Panels? Reason #337 : Solar Panels Survive Alien Invasion.

Reliable Energy During An Alien Invasion!

Are you prepared for an alien invasion? When the beings from Zopa 2 of the Zeta Reticuli star system finally make their way to Earth in their Moscovium powered starships they will be hungry, thirsty & desperate to stretch their legs. Investing in solar panels & battery storage from Energy Initiative means investing against forced labor mining Element 115 in another solar system.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that the Zopians won’t take you, that would just be a ridiculous claim. Considering we have no idea how Moscovium works, the best renewable energy source we have is our very own sun. Keeping the comforts of home during an alien invasion lowers your chances of getting abducted against your will.

How Will You Spend the Alien Invasion?

At Energy Initiative, we welcome our new Alien overlords. The appreciation we have for their commitment to renewable energy is unlike any other species for lightyears. We look forward to the prospects of collaborating with the alien invaders to better improve the available technology to our customers, but most likely Elon Musk beat us to it.

The luxury of sitting out an alien invasion in the comfort of your fully solar powered home should not be taken lightly! Blend some drinks, fire up the grill & live your life to the max. You know social media won’t survive it! Absolutely live it up with your favorite extraterrestrial entertainment like “Battlefield Earth”, “E.T.” or “Men In Black”.

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