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How does. Energy Initiative Solar Saves Money? Find Out Today!

Invest In Lifetimes of Energy Equity

Going solar gives you long term investments with short & long term returns in your future. Short term net metering puts or keeps money in your pocket every month.

Solar panels are a considerable investment, no matter how you chop it up. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood every time your neighbors get their monthly energy bills.

Solar panels & battery storage from Energy Initiative also add huge profit margins to your bottom line, should you choose to sell the improved upon real estate in the future.

Energy Flowing from the Sun Fills Your Wallet!

Solar Saves MoneyNet Metering

Solar Saves Money Every Month with Energy Equity

Solar Saves Money Every Month with Energy Equity.

Pro Rated Energy from Energy Pros

At the very least, solar saves money on your monthly power bill by offsetting the power you pay for, with the power your solar panels from Energy Initiative generate.

Enough applicable space for solar panels, panel angles & compass direction can allow for solar panels to not just offset your energy needs, but generate a monthly surplus.

Net Metered Billing is not the only way to make money from your solar power investment, but it is the most common way solar saves money every month.

Net Metered Billing is most common because a majority of solar energy consumers don’t have enough solar panels supply to fully offset their monthly energy demand.

Example Energy Bill from PG&E

Example PG&E Bill lowered by Energy Initiative.

Example : Your monthly power bill is a consistent $250. You invest in solar panels that generate $75 worth of energy every month. Reducing your Net Metered Bill to $175.

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How Much Can Energy Initiative Save You? Find Out Today!

How Much Can Energy Initiative Save You? Find Out Today!

Solar & Storage on Any Budget

Energy Initiative has already taken the time to contract & negotiate the best possible prices for our customers, all that’s left is maximizing your budget.

Our team will work with you to maximize the efficiency of your wallet along with your new solar. Guiding you to the payment plan that’s best for suited for you.

Invest against tomorrow’s rising energy costs with solar panels & battery storage from Energy Initiative. It all starts with a free solar consultation.