Going Green is Good for the Whole Family

Why our Family Went Green with Energy Initiative Solar Panels & Battery Storage.

Going Green is Easy with Energy Initiative!

Going green as a family was not something we took lightly. We’ve always recycled, limited our carbon footprint & made sure to educate our children to the ramifications of being wasteful with limited resources. Going green with solar panels & battery storage from Energy Initiative was a big step & we were proud to take it.

Discussing the big changes in our life was a running list of pros & cons for years. Of course there was the monthly savings right up top, that goes without saying. Our youngest wasn’t even born yet when we made the final decision of going green. This wasn’t just a slight lime, or shift to chartreuse. Full. Blown. Green.

Going Green Means Saving Green!

The Mrs. & I were up late doing our research on all the available solar options & companies. Should we go with a big, expensive solar company? Maybe a local company? At that moment we knew that Instagram was listening close & gave us a ridiculous advertisement from Energy Initiative. Instagram can be creepy, but I’ll be darned if it isn’t accurate.

During our research we figured out what to expect from our solar panels, it was all about finding the right price. When we came across the Energy Initiative site, it was so objectively intuitive, well made & easy to use that we booked a Free Solar Consultation right away. We spent the rest of the night discussing how cool the guy that made the website must be.

The Painless Process of Going Green!

The appointment with Energy Initiative was fast, easy & couldn’t have been more patient answering all of our questions. Like, will it hurt? What color shirts should we wear now? Will the other kids call us names? How do I wash it off? What do you mean it doesn’t wash off?

We were so excited the night before our solar installation from Energy Initiative that we could barely sleep. Just talking about all the extra activities we can do with the money saved every month. Not to mention the invested equity being passed on to our great, great, green grandchildren.

Ready to Take the Initiative?

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